WooCommerce Review for Discount Plugin

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Let Reviews Add To Discounts On Your WooCommerce Store

  • Different Discount Types
  • Apply before tax
  • Enable free shipping 
  • Expiration
  • Product IDs or Categories
  • Limit coupon validity
This Plugin Is The Exact Same Plugin as The One At WooCommerce here
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WooCommerce Review For Discount WooCommerce Extension

This is the Full WooCommerce Review For Discount plugin and extension.

All information can be viewed at

This is a brilliant plugin for a really low price through Cheap WordPress Plugins.

Reward your reviewers with discount coupons

Review for discount allows you to offer discounts to shoppers that provide reviews for products in an effort to drive repeat purchases, up-sells, and new sales.

Auto-create coupons for customers that review products in your WooCommerce store which are redeemable at checkout. Also, generate and email these coupon codes automatically at the time of a review to your users.

The Review For Discount Plugin is a brilliant way to offer your customers discount for interacting with your site. It ensures that there will be reviews on the products meaning that other visitors read the feedback and are more likely to purchase from good word of mouth.

This is a great plugin that fully interfaces with your WooCommerce store and drives sales in a unique and positive way that not only does market research for you but also gives onlookers something to take from each listing.

How Review for Discount Works

Review for Discount hooks heavily into WooCommerce’s standard coupon architecture.

Coupons generated for Review for Discount function similarly to “standard” coupon, and even go so far as being stored within the standard coupon section in WooCommerce > Couponsfor tracking your coupons in one location. The major differentiation is that coupon codes are generated automatically by the plugin at the moments that you define based upon reviews that are added to your storefront.

Upon approval of the review (comments), coupons are automatically generated, and emailed to your users. Each coupon is unique to each user/review. Each discount sent/created after a review is set as a single use coupon.


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