WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin

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 Allow Customers To Deposit Funds into their account and reward them for doing so.
  • Add Funds To Account
  • Pay With Funds
  • Get Detailed Reports
  • See Loyal Customers
  • Offer Rewards
This Plugin Is The Exact Same Plugin as The One At WooCommerce here
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This Plugin Is The Exact Same Plugin as The One At WooCommerce here

Let your customers deposit amounts to their account and reward them for doing so!

WooCommerce Account Funds Plugin Features

The WooCommerce Account Funds extension helps build customer loyalty and repeat business by ensuring that your customers spend their funds only on your store! Reward them by giving them exclusive discounts and instant order processing if they pay using their Account Funds.

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Get detailed reports on how much, and how many deposits have been made by your customers over a period of time.


Optional Discount Settings

Choose whether to give customers a discount when they spend account funds in checkout (optional).

  1. Tick the Give Discount checkbox. More options are displayed.
  2. Select Fixed Price or Percentage from the Discount Type dropdown.
  3. Enter a number value in Discount Amount. No symbol or percent sign is required.
  4. Save changes.

Funding Settings

Using My Account Funding Method

Complete the Funding section of the settings.

Paying with Account Funds

Choose whether to allow Partial Funds Payments, letting customers use Account Funds to pay order totals in part and then use a payment gateway to pay off the balance.


Account Funds include reports that show the admin how many deposits have been made and total funds. To view reports, go to WooCommerce > Reports > Deposits.

Top Up

If the customer uses the top-up option on their My Account page, they are immediately taken to the cart page to pay for the deposit.

Order checkout

Customers can then use funds to pay for orders by clicking the button.

If funds in the user’s account are less than the order total and the Partial Funds Payment option is enabled, a message appears a the top of the cart and gives them the option to Apply Account Funds.

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